Great Video on JavaScript by Douglas Crockford

As a software engineer, it is necessary to stay abreast of relevant technologies.   Working with SharePoint exacerbates the problem – if you are going to be a competent SharePoint developer, you must be competent in a wide variety of technologies – C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, JavaScript, Silverlight, XSLT, LINQ, etc.

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Blog TOCOne key tool in my toolbox is that I download just about every session for Mix, TechEd, etc.  I then put them on my Zune, and listen to them while doing dishes, yard work, walking to the bus, or while on the Stairmaster.  I listen to some of them more than once if they are particularly good, and on occasion, some session is so good that I watch it on my computer and make notes.

The presentation at Mix 2010 by Douglas Crockford on JavaScript/EcmaScript is fantastic.  I had heard folks talk about the functional programming underpinnings of JavaScript, but I never really understood until I listened to his session.

Download: TechEd 2010 Sessions

Download: Mix 2010 Sessions