Leaving Microsoft, Blog Moving to EricWhite.com

Due to personal obligations (moving away from Seattle) it is with sadness that I’m announcing that I’m leaving Microsoft.  My last day at Microsoft will be January 21.  This will be the last post on this blog.  I will be commencing to blog at EricWhite.com/blog.  Here is what I'm planning for the near future on my new blog:

  • This blog is inactive.
    New blog: EricWhite.com/blog

    Blog TOCI want to explore some simple and powerful ways to build parameterized server-side document generation systems.  I’m envisioning a blog post series that will be fun to write.  The code that I’ll be releasing on my blog will be under a license similar to code published on my MSDN blog.  You can alter the code if necessary, and embed it in your projects as you wish.

  • I plan to explore the SharePoint server object model in detail, writing lots of code samples, as a way of filling in gaps in my knowledge.  I’ll be blogging those snippets.

  • I will be completing the blog post series on writing a recursive descent parser for SpreadsheetML formulas.

  • While the blog map that I maintain on this blog will be frozen, I’ll maintain a new blog map on ericwhite.com that encompasses content on this blog as well as my new blog.

I want to say thanks to all the folks with whom I’ve worked.  Microsoft is filled with brilliant, hardworking people, and it is an honor to have worked with you.  While here, I have had the chance to work on some of the coolest technology in the world: LINQ to XML, Open XML, Office, and SharePoint.  You guys rock!

Over the years, I have regularly talked with many of you (both inside and outside of Microsoft) about Open XML – explaining markup and suggesting approaches to the design of solutions.  I really enjoy sharing what I’ve learned, so please continue to contact me with questions via email, or if you want to chat by phone, I’m happy to do so by appointment.  I also enjoy discussing Office or SharePoint development.  Contact me at eric at ericwhite.com.

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Eric White, software developer