Catching-up with blogging

What a shame that I write my first November blog post on 11/14. The last three weeks have been quite busy for me and I barely had a chance to think about blogging. I've been writing a couple articles and a book chapter :). It really is an exciting time for me, but I must confess my poor blog was only a part of my to-do list and today I decided it was time to blog again.

Here is a summary of some resources that I missed to blog about in the previous weeks:

  1. Check out the new Office Client Developer Content and Resources team blog: If you are a VBA fan or love doing Office Client development, this blog is a must stop. David Hale, Angela Chu-Hatoun, and the whole Office Client developer documentation group will be sharing information related to development with Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, PowerPoint, InfoPath and InfoPath Forms Services, Visio, OneNote, and Publisher.
  2. Microsoft Search Server 2008 SDK: Last week, the Office developer documentation team released a new SDK that provides object model and namespace documentation for the new Microsoft Enterprise Search Server 2008. You can find more details about Microsoft Search Server 2008 here.
  3. Arouet dot net by Stephanie Krieger: Stephanie is a very talented MVP and master gal of Office for PC and Mac. There's no one I've met so far that knows so much about Office end-user tricks and advanced documents as she does. Her blog has tons of articles and webcasts that can help you learn hidden tips and tricks in Office 2007. Stephanie is the author of the Advanced Microsoft Office Documents 2007 Edition Inside Out book. She is also the author of multiple Office Online training materials. Happily for us, we will start publishing new articles from Steph on MSDN soon!
  4. Open XML to DAISY XML Translator: Microsoft announced yesterday a project to create a "save as DAISY" plug-in for Word that will be available as a free download on SourceForge. Doug Mahugh has a great blog post explaining all the details.
  5. Word Content Controls in Visual Studio 2008: For those of you that have an interest in document templates that can bind to data, VSTO 3.0 has support for content controls and data binding to custom xml. Kathleen McGrath has a great post that explains the details in brief. You can also find a cool video on Channel 9. Exciting stuff!
  6. A little bit of Web humor and comics. I recently discovered David Salaguinto's "Office Offline" blog. David is a writer for Office Online and he is posting fun cartoons. This is my favorite one (so far):