Great News for Open XML Developers: ECMA-376 Implementation Notes for Office 2007 SP2 are here!

We've published today a new set of Open XML implementation notes. The ECMA-376 Implementation Notes helps developers to understand low-level details of the Open XML implementation. The notes also include information that will help ISO update the standard over time, and some other general information to cover some scenarios that are not covered in detail by the SPEC.

The notes are definitely a great resource for all us who work with the Open XML SDK 1.0 and 2.0 and are looking for detailed documentation and guidance. I know lots of devs out there are creating document assembly solutions and the notes help you understand fine details of the implementation. Say you are working with WordprocessingML and want to learn about paragraphs, tables, footers, document parts, or mail merge. If you don't know the SPEC by heart (like most of us J), and want to learn more about the implementation details, you can always check out the implementation notes.

Great blogs posts you should not miss:

  1. If you want to learn more details about the release, I recommend that you check out Doug's latest post. Doug's posts are very detailed and super informative. His latest post explains in detail how to drill down to see different sections of the SPEC.
  2. I am very excited to see that Stephen Peront has started to blog! I've been begging him to blog for years and I am delighted to see he is blogging now! This blog is a must see for Office developers and you should not miss his post about the implementation notes.
  3. Stephanie Krieger, one of the most talented Office MVPs and expert in Open XML, has also blogged about the notes.

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Happy Friday!

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