I’m back!

Sofia came five months ago and I can honestly say that so far she has been the best part of my life.

Spend a few months with a kid and you'll get to know a new side of you that you never imagined you had. It's like starting to live all over again. Even the simplest smile or sound coming out of your little one can make you go wild. Anyway, as many other lucky working moms, I get to enjoy the beauty of motherhood and the fun of a happy job to get back to.

One of the things I missed the most was blogging. I am quite eager to share with you some stats about Office developer content, Office 14 news, Open XML code samples, best of Office 2008 blog posts, and more.

Today is my first day at work after a long break and I am trying to catch-up with lots of stuff. I've spent a couple hours reviewing stats from our publishing system. While I was gone, the Office Developer Documentation Group published an astonishing amount of 199 content items. That is, a mix of technical articles, downloads, SDKs, book excerpts, and code samples. Kelly Bowen-McCombs, our MSDN Office Developer Center managing editor, blogged about some of the content published in the last few months. In case you missed her entries, you can find them here:

I am quite grateful that Kelly posted about Office Developer documentation news while I was out. I hope you enjoyed her blog posts.

In case you want to catch-up (like me) with all the Office developer content we published in the last few months, I recommend that you check back often our MSDN - Office Developer Center. I also recommend you to subscribe to our Office Developer RSS feeds. We have a few that you may find interesting:

RSS feeds we publish:

Other Office developer related RSS feeds:

I'd also like to use this blog post to thank everyone who has contacted me through my blog and sent me questions related to Office development. I will be answering as many questions as I can in the next couple of weeks. Thanks all for keeping up with my blog and expect to hear a lot from me this year J.

Happy 2009 to everyone!