MSDN Office and SharePoint Developer Centers are wearing a new skin!

Someone recently asked me (in Twitter) if I was keeping some nice stories in draft and waiting for things to go live to push the “publish” button in my blog, Twitter, and Facebook. The answer is yes! I am keeping a lot in draft mode. This is why I keep saying that this are exciting times for Office and SharePoint developers.

There’s few things for Microsoft people that bring more happiness than approaching RTM and start talking. As we get closer to that day, our team decided to start releasing new content and improved experiences for MSDN sites.

Today I want to share that a few minutes ago we re-launched the MSDN Office Developer Center and the MSDN SharePoint Developer Center with a new skin that matches our Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010 branding.

This is the first time that Office and SharePoint MSDN sites blend with the product brand. Although this is only a visual update, it sets an exciting new look as we prepare for RTM.



Take a look yourself and see the nice difference made possible thanks to our new branded skin.

Who said developers don’t like pretty?