New RSS Feeds for Office and SharePoint Developers

RSS feeds changed the strategy that lots of people use to learn about new things. As developers we are faced with a bulk load of emerging software development technologies and products and sometimes it's hard to keep up with all the cool things you can do. RSS feeds help you discover the latest news from multiple sources and bloggers and learn more about new products and technologies. You can use Outlook, Windows Live, Windows Vista Sidebar, or other programs to subscribe to your favorite RSS feeds.

I've been posting for the last couple of months links to just published content for the MSDN Office Developer Center to help you keep up with new Office and SharePoint developer content. Today I am very happy to announce that we finally automated our RSS feed generation process. We have an internal tool that we use to track all our content publishing queue and workflow and we extended it to generate RSS feeds for Office and SharePoint. This will allow us to provide you weekly updates on new articles, code samples, videos, new pages, announcements, and fresh news related to Office and SharePoint development.


We published our RSS feeds for the first time last Friday 9/21 and you can subscribe to them using the following urls:

You can also find links to our RSS feeds on the following pages:

If you want to know more about Office and SharePoint, you can also subscribe to the following RSS feeds:

  1. MSDN Magazine RSS Feeds: I recently discovered that MSDN Magazine has a page that you can use to build your own RSS feeds: You can access the MSDN Magazine articles for Office and SharePoint here:,sharepoint
  2. Office Online RSS feeds:
  3. 2007 Microsoft Office System Virtual Labs:
  4. Office 2003 Virtual Labs:
  5. SharePoint Community feeds:
  6. Office Development Bloggers (to be updated soon):

Have fun keeping up with the latest news!