Office 2010 for Developers: Conference moving to SharePoint Conference 2009

Last year I had the opportunity to attend the Office Developer Conference 2008 in San Jose, CA. I remember being there with Sanjay, Ken Getz, and Wouter at the Open XML booth where we had the opportunity to talk to some of you about the latest improvements to the Open XML Format SDK 1.0 and distribute Open XML posters.  I was super happy to hear from Gray that we will have an Office Developer Conference moving to the SharePoint Developer Conference 2009. Office 2010 enables better integration between Office client applications and SharePoint products and technologies. It makes sense to have a shared conference.

For those of you who are already collecting links to Office 2010 resources, don’t forget to sign-up for the Technical Preview and to pass on the word about the Office Developer Conference this year.

Here are some other MS blogs that you should follow for news about the conference:

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