Office and SharePoint 2010 Developer: RSS Feeds

The following RSS feeds are now live with headlines from July 1, 2009 to February 19, 2010. The feeds include headlines for all of the Office and SharePoint Getting Started content, as well as the Channel 9 learning courses for SharePoint and Office.

 dd183105.rss_button(en-us,MSDN.10)[2]MSDN: Microsoft Office Developer Center

 dd183105.rss_button(en-us,MSDN.10)[2]MSDN: Microsoft Office 2010

 dd183105.rss_button(en-us,MSDN.10)[2]MSDN Office: Community Submitted Content

 dd183105.rss_button(en-us,MSDN.10)[2]MSDN: Microsoft Office Developer Center - Video

 dd183105.rss_button(en-us,MSDN.10)[2]MSDN: Microsoft SharePoint Developer Portal

 dd183105.rss_button(en-us,MSDN.10)[2]MSDN: Microsoft SharePoint 2010

And here’s a monthly recap of MSDN Office and SharePoint content published, with a spike in October and November:


The feeds will be dynamically pulled into multiple MSDN Developer Centers, as well as serve as the baseline for our Twitter and Facebook feeds.

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