Popular topics among Windows Phone 8 developers

The following two lists link you to the most popular Windows Phone 8 developer topics on MSDN. These topics are the most viewed and highest rated. I divided the lists into conceptual topics and managed reference topics. If you have a favorite Windows Phone topic on MSDN, let us know. We hope you find this list interesting and helpful!

Most viewed conceptual topics – Top 10

  1. Getting started with developing for Windows Phone
  2. What's new in Windows Phone SDK 8.0
  3. How to create your first app for Windows Phone
  4. How to register your phone for development
  5. Developing apps for Windows Phone
  6. System requirements for Windows Phone Emulator
  7. App certification requirements for Windows Phone
  8. Next steps for Windows Phone 8 development
  9. Tiles for Windows Phone
  10. User interface for Windows Phone

Most viewed managed reference – Top 10

  1. LongListSelector Class
  2. FlipTileData Class
  3. WebBrowser Class
  4. PhoneApplicationPage Class
  5. CycleTileData Class
  6. Map Class
  7. IconicTileData Class
  8. ShareMediaTask Class
  9. Panorama Class
  10. ShellTile Class

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