prism v2 – drop 10 (composite application guidance)

Today, we have released what’s likely going to be the last drop of Prism before the final release. You can get the release from:

During this iteration, we have mostly worked on documentation, implementing a new UI for the Stock Trader Reference Implementation and fixing some last important bugs.

The most important changes are:

Removed .Silverlight and .Desktop extensions from the Assembly names, both in the Library and in all the Quickstarts.

Renamed RegionExtensions class to RegionContext and RegionExtensions.GetRegionContext() method to RegionContext.GetObservableContext()

Moved RegionExtensions.GetObservableRegion() method from RegionExtensions class to RegionManager class.

Integrated new UI design for Stock Trader Reference Implementation.

Many updates to Documentation

Included API CHM file

Added shortcut .Bat files to make it easier to open the solutions.

Bug fixes

Added missing XML comments to the code of the Composite Application Library.


New UI for Stock Trader Reference Implementation

We felt that the original UI of the Stocktrader RI didn’t give a good impression of the capabilities of WPF and Silverlight. Most of the things we were showing before were also possible with Windows Forms. So for this release, we’ve decided to hire a graphical design company to give our RI a complete makeover, complete with some cool animations.

Before: image After: image

Looks a lot better huh?