Fun with Blog Maps – Oh North Dakota where are you?

It’s been a rainy Friday – so for fun I wanted to see how my WorldMap is doing.  I have hits from all 50 states, except North Dakota – so my challenge is how do I get one of the just over 640K residents to hit my blog….if you have any thoughts on it or have relatives in ND send them my link…

btw – I found the state facts of North Dakota quite  interesting – Nicknames: Peace Garden State, Flickertail State, and Roughrider State – Motto: Liberty and Union Now and Forever, One and InseparableBeverage: Milk – Fossil: Teredo Petrified Wood (Teredo was a worm-shaped mollusk) – and the State Fruit: Chokecherry (I never would have guessed it is part of the rose family).

Once I get that North Dakotan – the next goal – how to get hits from all the Canadian provinces – looks like I still need Yukon, Northwest Territories and Saskatchewan. :-)

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