January update to Science @ Microsoft

The January update to the Technical Computing @ Microsoft site (www.microsoft.com/science) is up:

  • Spotlighting the SwissEx Collaboration with EPFL.
  • A feature entitled “Determining Fundamental Principles of RNA Structure with Comparative Sequence Analysis” about Dr. Robin Gutell (University of Texas at Austin) and the MSR collaboration (Stuart Ozer) around the use of SQL Server.
  • A highlight of the Microsoft Rainier Cluster using Windows HPC Server 2008 and how it’s more 30% more efficient.
  • Story about the American Geophysical Union’s conference in San Francisco last month and MSR contributions (Catharine Van Ingen) to the climate community.
  • Updates to the Books & Papers page, including the paper “A Virtual Research Environment for Bioscience Researchers”.

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