WWT Fisheye and spherical mirror projection

In the latest WWT release put out on Tax Day (April 15th) – one of the features that was included was the ability to utilize WWT in different projections – so you can use WWT in Planetariums. Below Paul Bourke tested those features out on his iDome (btw – I’d love to get my hands on that :-)) - see his review and photos

Docs on using the WWT in the projection/planetarium mode – are available at WorldWide Telescope Planetarium 

World Wide Telescope: Fisheye and spherical mirror projection05[1]

Written by Paul Bourke
April 2010

The following is a discussion from tests of the WWT (World Wide Telescope) software and in particular its handling of projection using a fisheye lens or spherical mirror and the warp maps that describe how to distort fisheye images for this projection technique. This is not an endorsement of the product for its intended users but simply a test/evaluation of the fisheye generation and optional warping. Check out more of the review at World Wide Telescope: fisheye and spherical mirror projection

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