72 Pounds - GONE

There was a pretty significant uproar this week over Maria Kang’s photo.  She’s a thirty something mom of three and is obviously in great shape. Judge for yourself but read her story first, before you decide if the pic was appropriate or not. Click her “What’s Your Excuse” tab, where there is a long question and answer section. 

Inspiration has many sources.  I’ve said that before. I don’t get particularly inspired when I see people quite a bit younger looking fantastic. I am inspired when I see people my age looking fantastic.  They are everywhere.  In fact, there are a few people in the Southlake 24 Hour Fitness club I go to, that put me to shame.  Men and Women.

10-18-2013Here’s a pic of mine. This picture was taken this morning. They are Dockers shorts and I have a full three inches of extra fabric.  What might surprise you is that I didn’t buy them two years ago.  I bought them in June 2013 while shopping with Stefanie. Yes, three months ago. Three inches in three months.

Here are some stats:

Weight = 178 pounds

Bicep = 14.5”

Thigh = 19.5”

Calf = 16”

Chest = 44.5”

Waist = 35

I take measurements either weekly or when I think it makes sense.  Although some of my measurements have been fairly consistent, a conversion has taken place.  For instance, my thigh was 21” on July 7th, 2013. On that day, there was quite a bit of fat.  Today, very little. Really none. The same is true for my chest, arms, calves, etc. 

The sole exception is the little jelly roll around my waist.  If I ever get truly focused, it will disappear.  It is really my next objective and it is going to take an all out war from now to Christmas. Better diet, more sleep, more water, and more focused training. 

Oh, I almost forgot about the weight delta. At the heaviest point in my life I was approximately 250 pounds. On July 7, 2013 when I really started taking measurements, I was 195 pounds. I knocked off nearly ten pounds before I got to Navarre Beach Florida in August and have slowly chipped away from that ever since.  I am actually NOT trying to lose weight at this point.  I am totally into conversion and trying to GAIN a little weight.  I am lifting free weights again and it will be a natural by-product if I do things correctly.  So yea, I am down from 250 pounds to 178. 

Do yourself a favor, take a walk under the moon tonight with your honey, dog, or by yourself. Twenty minutes, please. Cut your beer consumption this weekend in half. Have one fewer margaritas. Get the fish taco instead of the chicken flauta with cheese. You can do it. I have faith in you.