Announcing the "WPF for LOB" Training Tour…

Jaime Rodriquez has announced on his Blog a new series of Windows Presentation foundations trainings for Apr/May/Jun optimized for building business applications.  The training should be well suited to those wishing to incorporate the latest Microsoft UI capabilities into their BSS/OSS applications.

“This two day training is designed to teach developers how to create Line of Business (LOB) applications using Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).  

  • Day One is an introduction to the WPF graphics subsystem, the tools used to build WPF applications, and the core UI services: styling, data binding, templating, layout and input-
  • The second day begins with interop (Windows Forms and Win32)  and then quickly dives into LOB topics, including building applications using the Model-View-ViewModel pattern, creating unit testable applications,  implementing data validation, and error handling.  

After completion, attendees will have a solid understanding of WPF, its advantages over other Microsoft UI platforms, and how to use the M-V-VM pattern to create great WPF LOB applications.“

Dates, Locations, and Logistics are on Jaime’s Blog.