Business Analytics Solution Powered by Microsoft Business Analytics Accelerator for Telecom (BAAT) Solution Achieves TM Forum Frameworx Conformance Certification

Microsoft Business Analytics Solution powered by the Business Analytics Accelerator for Telecom (BAAT) solution has successfully completed TM Forum’s Frameworx Product Conformance Certification for the Information Framework (SID) and Business Process Framework (eTOM) components of the TM Forum Frameworx suite of standards. These standards are designed to enable a service-oriented approach to communications, cloud operations, and integration.  Certification of the software solution’s conformance to the Information Framework and Business Process Framework affirms Microsoft’s commitment to openness and industry standards.  By implementing standards-based solutions, Microsoft facilitates a host of benefits for Communications Service Providers (CSPs), ISV partners, and System Integrators.


Partners have been using Microsoft tools and platforms to build TM Forum Frameworx compliant solutions for years. The Business Analytics Accelerator Solution will now enable CSPs, ISV partners, and SI to more efficiently design and implement new Business Support Systems and Operations Support Systems that adhere to the TM Forum Frameworx reference enterprise architecture for a Service Oriented Enterprise while taking full advantage of the performance, efficiency, and TCO advantages afforded by Microsoft platforms and developer tools.

The TM Forum Frameworx is a comprehensive suite of standards that enable a service provider’s business to run with maximum agility, simplicity, and efficiency.  The Frameworx provides a blueprint for building systems for effective operations, enabling service providers to assess and improve business performance by using a proven, service-oriented approach to the design and integration of Business Support Systems and Operations Support Systems (BSS/OSS).

Frameworx Product and Solution Conformance Assessments enable suppliers and service providers to verify a product or solution’s conformance to the Frameworx Business Process and Information models. Through an independent and thorough analysis of a supplier’s self-assessment, the Forum scores adherence to each model on a sliding scale and publishes a report detailing the product or solution’s level of conformance.

Service providers can benefit from Microsoft’s Business Analytics Solution conformance to Information Framework and Business Process Framework standards through:

  1. Better time to market and lower costs for implementing business analytics solutions.
  2. Reduced risks associated with complex integration projects.
  3. Improved integration with other Business and Operational Support Systems via the use of standards.