Microsoft SolutionFrameworks.NET at the TM Forum

The TMF has been working on a new initiative called the Solution Frameworks Blueprint. The effort seeks to bring together the work of two distinct work streams.

  1. NGOSS Solution Frameworks used to help architect next generation BSS and OSS.
  2. Service Delivery Frameworks (SDF) & associated initiatives like IPsphere used to help architect hosted services / managed network services such as Microsoft Live Services and Online Services.

Supporting both initiatives are tooling initiatives.  For the most part, these tooling initiatives have been focused on facilitating the documentation of key specifications at an architectural level.

Now, the TMF is beginning to focus on the developer as well as the architect.  The TM Forum is launching Developer’s Network.

Microsoft Communications Sector and DPE are working with the TMF on a complementary initiative designed to directly support the Microsoft .NET developer wanting to incorporate TM Forum reference frameworks into their BSS/OSS designs or their hosted S+S services solutions.

SolutionFrameworks.NET is slated to become a part of the TM Forum’s Developer’s Network initiative.  Microsoft and other TM Forum members will be working on specific tools to seed the program.  Ultimately, a growing developer ecosystem with members drawn from service providers and vendors should help .NET developers leverage TMF artifacts directly from within the Visual Studio IDE.

SolutionsFrameworks.NET initiative will also tie into the Microsoft MSDN developer support environment as well as  The difference will be that TMF SolutionsFramework.NET will provide developer guidance and solutions accelerators specific to the use of TMF Solution Frameworks by .NET developers.