Moving Service Syndication Towards Commercial Reality

The GSM Association (GSMA) held its Mobile Innovation Marketplace — Americas event in Atlanta, GA this past week. On June 3, 2008, Microsoft announced the Connected Services Accelerator Program, a series of projects designed to incubate, and ultimately commercialize, new types of consumer, business and mobile services through collaboration with independent software vendors (ISVs), developers and operators. Microsoft will collaborate with SingTel on the program’s first project, the Mobile Connected Services Accelerator. All Accelerator projects will utilize Microsoft Connected Services Sandbox as the platform for the creation, development and testing of these innovative new services.

You can see the Microsoft / SingTel Press Release here:

This work will also leverage the TM Forum's Service Syndication Catalyst Project as well as that of the Service Delivery Framework (SDF) workgroup. The Microsoft Connected Services Framework is aligned with the TM Forum's emerging recommendations for an SDF. This joint project with SingTel will enable Microsoft and SingTel to take the concepts and designs to the level of detail, both technically and commercially.