Farewell SQLWISH

As of last week mail to SQLWISH will generate the following reply.

Thank you for your feedback. Unfortunately - SQLWISH is no longer being monitored by the product team. For a more interactive feedback experience - see our new Product Feedback Center at http://labs.msdn.microsoft.com/productfeedback. In this center - you can see and vote on suggestions view bugs from other customers and make new suggestions or file bugs. You can also view work-arounds and sign up to receive progress updates from Microsoft on suggestions and bugs. We moved to the new system so we could directly link your feedback into our development systems.

Over the years we have received 1000s of mails to SQLWISH, about half of them related to SQL Server, the remainder being some really good offers for blue pills, stock etc !

All of the mails go into a public folder where they can be searched and reviewed by the dev team(as well many members of the team subscribed to SQLWISH directly and hence the mail appears in their inbox). We also built a system that imports the data from the public folder into a work tracking system. The alias has made a huge impact on the product and the team so thanks to everyone that submitted mail and to Gert who came up with the original idea.

The product feedback system is a little more structured but includes a direct line into our work item system, it also addresses the single biggest complaint we had about SQLWish over the years and that was the lack of feedback. Other people can also see (and vote for ) your wishes.