PDC: D-1

Spent this morning at the convention centre getting some help from the onsite Tech Support guys with a demo hardware disaster that had an unfortunate impact on my codecamp session. Apologies to the attendees for the lack of focus on the session as I was fighting the hardware all the way! However folks seemed to like the Pex Demo, CodedUI Test and the Unit Testing tips and tricks.


Spent the afternoon hangin out at PDC Pre-Cons, first of all the Agile Pre-Con, its always great to hear Mary Popendeick speak and this was excellent as ever. Then went and hung out in Brian Randall's VSTS Pre-Con and caught the panel at the end, that turned into the Brian harry show :-)


One thing to watch out for this year is that as part of the attempt to make the event greener there are no bottles of water as part of the conference snacks/fluids, hence there is a water bottle that's part of the giveaway, I recommend using it :-) Another thing to note about the give aways is that the bag is very simple as the money that goes on the bags went into "the goods" thats the hard drive we are giving away later in the event, a great trade off IMO.

I got to wander around the event hall (Big Ass Room), some of the vendors stands look really cool and there seemed to be TONS of swag so get busy on Monday night at the reception.

My other big WOW from wandering around today was the number of Surface Computers, there must have been more than 20 between the BAR, speaker lounge, and various other areas where folks were seated.

Right time to rest up for the keynote tomorrow, I bumped into several folks whose technology will be part of the Mon/Tues keynotes and there is quite the buzz.