Peter got Slashdotted...

I thought Peter Torr had an interesting blog entry the other day about Firefox, in many ways what was most interesting about it was the reaction from the community. I was going to blog about it but ran out of time with the holiday season upon us. I was going to post a summary of reactions but Peter did that and got slashdotted again :-). I think Peters response is top notch and kudos to a bunch of community folks that are non IE users for the recognition of this despite the fact of where Peter works. I've been following Peters posts on internal aliases and newsgroups for years, he knows his stuff despite his claim to be a PM.

A couple of themes from the original responses that I think are worth calling out;


1/ Unable to read your blog in Firefox, MS you are evil

Actually the blog was readable in Firefox it was just tough, a bunch of folks were really helpful and diagnosed the tags that were at fault. Its pretty easy to see without too much digging that uses .Text ( in fact its at the bottom of every post, read the page people!) and while that uses MS technology, it is in itself not MS technology so feel free to file bugs against .Text(which is now part of community server) rather than blame us.

2/ You are moderating this, you suck

Yes we do moderate, its a great way to make sure that all the folks reading the blogs are not subjected to the spam that we are

3/ Firefox is for power users, they will know which sites to trust/how to use MD5

Ok thats news to me, then why the NYTimes advert? Also why restrict the user community to power users, I thought web browsing was the single most universal computer related activity after the power button and RSI?

Keep up the posts Peter and those who choose to provide excellent responses, it beats cleaning and tidying the house :-)