SQL Server Roadshow - SF

A couple of weeks ago I popped down to San Fransisco for the day to visit one of the Get ready for SQL Server 2005 Roadshows, I thought it was a great day, hopefully all the attendees did as well. There was some great material presented by the folks from Developmentor, Hitachi Consulting and Scalability Experts. I also got to meet a bunch of folks and chat with them about their interest in SQL Server 2005.

One thing that really impressed me during the SQL Server Database Engine presentation by Joe Yong was the depth of knowledge and understanding of the audience. As Joe covered what seemed to be relatively small improvements a bunch of folks in the audience obviously got the feature straight away and asked the next level of depth of question and then again, Joe did a great Job of fielding the questions but the folks in the audience did an even better job of trying to stump him :-)

There are still slots open at the roadshows in Texas, get it while its hot!