CAB Community Technical Preview is released

CAB Community Technical Preview is released! after many weeks of hard work it is out! As Ed says, as a major milestone approaches it is like Zeno paradox, it seems we are stuck with infinite small details.

The MSDN page became available today:

The download is actually available since last Thursday night (PST) in the Community Site here:

It's been a fantastic and incredibly exciting journey. I'm sure it will continue to be until the final release. Working with this team has been an incredible experience:

Program Manager: William Loeffler (Microsoft Corporation), keeping everything smooth

Product Manager: Me!

Architect: Edward Jezierski (Microsoft Corporation), simply outstanding

Our top notch Development team: Peter Provost (Microsoft Corporation), Brad Wilson (Microsoft Corporation), Daniel Cazzulino, Juan Elichirigoity (Clarius Consulting), John Luif (Interlink Group Inc), Javier Arguello (Lagash Systems)

Our tireless Test team: Mohammad Al-Sabt (Microsoft Corporation), Carlos Farre (Microsoft Corporation), Rohit Sharma, Rajeswari Santhanam, Aruppukotai Periyasamy, Manickavasagam Sundaram, Mohammad Ashraf, Arjun B. M., Balaji Ragupathi, Saravanan Marappan (Infosys Technologies Ltd)

Documentation and Samples: RoAnn Corbisier (Microsoft Corporation), Lin Joyner (Content Master Ltd), Tina Burden McGrayne (Linda Werner & Associates Inc): Thanks for working around the clock for the last week and actually making our documents readable for humans!

Release: Sanjeev Garg (Microsoft Corporation), thanks for making the final release to MSDN so painless

I'd also want to thanks these people who have really been supporting us from teh first day with their expertise and experience; and has made all of this much easier:

Microsoft Architecture Strategy Team: David Hill, Brenton Webster; for their vision and experience building real, successful enterprise solutions using the CAB design principles. They have proved the effectiveness of the concept.

Windows Forms .NET Product Team: Keith Yedlin, John Rivard, and Niklas Gustafsson (Microsoft Corporation) for their support, long term strategy and vision and knowledge of the subject

Community Members: Norman Headlam (Fidelity Investments), Christian Nielsen, Kai Makipera (Volvo Information Technology AB), Andres Aguiar (DeKlarit), Darren Stokes, Steve Neal, Paul Nguyen (Microsoft Consulting Services); all of them providing real-world experience and requirements; devoting many hours to share their knowledge with us.

My personal special thanks to David Hill for his vision and team spirit.