Drop #2 of Claims Identity Guide on CodePlex

Second drop of samples and draft chapters is now available on CodePlex. Highlights:

  1. All 3 samples for ACS v2: ("ACS as a Federation Provider", "ACS as a FP with Multiple Business Partners" and "ACS and REST endpoints"). These samples extend all the original "Federation samples" in the guide with new capabilities (e.g. protocol transition, REST services, etc.)
  2. Two new ACS specific chapters and a new appendix on message sequences

Most samples will work without an ACS account, since we pre-provisioned one for you. The exception is the “ACS and Multiple Partners”, because this requires credentials to modify ACS configuration. You will need to subscribe to your own instance of ACS to fully exercise the code (especially the “sign-up” process).

The 2 additions to the appendix are:

Message exchanges between Client/RP/ACS/Issuer:




And the Single-Sign-Out  process (step 10 below):


You will also find the Fiddler sessions with explained message contents.

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