End to end demo of LitwareHR on SSDS

Here's an end-to-end demo of LitwareHR using SSDS. The total demo lasts about 11 min and you will see:

  1. Tenant Provisioning and customization (takes the first 5 min approximately). I show the initial tenant provisioning (creation of a new tenant in LitwareHR, initial configuration, etc) and then a basic customization (e.g. look & feel, position entity shape, etc). You'll notice that I switch back and forth between www.litware.com and SSDS to show how entities look like in the store.
  2. Using the new created instance (this takes the last 6 min). I show a hypothetical recruiter logging-in, opening new positions, then an applicant browsing the open positions and submitting a Resume and finally the recruiter browsing the posted applications. Again, you'll see how do these entities look like in SSDS.

If you want to see the video on a different window, click here.