Feedback feedback feedback...

Short test:

  1. There's something you just really hate in the Web Factory (2 points)
  2. There's one missing feature that you believe would make the Web Factory PERFECT (-1 point)
  3. There's something you believe is over-engineered (2 points)
  4. We ruined your life as a developer (5 points)
  5. You LOVE the Web Factory (-5 point)

If you scored >1 point, then PLEASE let us know!! Our community site, powered by CodePlex, has this great feature of creating workitems and voting. Please do so!

We will constantly monitor the ranking of open issues and prioritize accordingly. Right now the top 5 items are:

  1. Will there be examples of the web client software factory working with the service factory?
  2. AJAX support in WCSF
  3. VB.NET Support
  4. Recipe Support for Web Application Project
  5. RE: nUnit Support

ok, ok...if you really love the Factory, don't be shy ;-)