My new role and responsibilities in Microsoft

I have just joined the Software as a Service (SaaS) group in the Microsoft Architecture Strategy Team.

I will miss my team at patterns & practices very much. It's been quite a journey. For the next month or so, I will continue to work with patterns & practices mainly on the planning of our next wave of client side architecture guidance. I look forward to meeting with those of you who are planning to attend the Web Client Factory Workshop in a couple of weeks.

Please continue to contact me if you have any questions on any of our deliverables (CAB, SCSF, WCSF, MCSF). Blaine Wastell will continue to lead the Client Program in patterns & practices. Stay tuned to his blog for news on efforts on this domain.

As you might imagine, I plan to refocus this blog on the subject I'll be working on now: Software as a Service.

Who should care about this content? Primarily:

  • ISV's building solutions to be hosted and offered as a Service.
  • Hosters, considering building higher value services to offer to ISV's.
  • Companies interested in leveraging software offered as a service and wondering of the implications on their own IT infrastructure.

My new team, led by Gianpaolo Carraro and Fred Chong, has been developing and publishing guidance on this topic for some time now. Most notably the recently released LitwareHR sample application that illustrates some of the technical challenges of building multi-tenant applications.   

As usual, any feedback is greatly welcome! We are always looking at feedback and input on where to invest our efforts on.