New drop of the Smart Client Baseline Architecture Toolkit

We have been publishing weekly updates on this new deliverable. We are converging to the scope we planned for this first stage and we are now entering the latest development iterations in preparation for the final test pass, security reviews, etc.

What's in there:

"This weekly drop includes updates to the reference implementation, guidance package, and documentation as described below.

Reference Implementation:

  • Shell application with menu strip, tool strip, and status bar strip
  • Three implementations of the View-Presenter design pattern
  • Service agent processes web service requests asynchronously
    • Requests are queued as command objects
    • Commands are executed on a separate thread synchronously
    • On completion of the service request, result is returned via callback
  • Uses the Enterprise Library Exception Handling Application Block and Logging Application Block to log exception information
  • New in this release, "Offline" capability:
    • An appraisal can be submitted when offline. When service is reachable, appraisal will be submitted.
    • Locally cached appraisals are loaded first. Additional appraisals are loaded from service when service is reachable.
    • Download interrupted by service going down is retried when service becomes reachable
    • Event notification with update of status bar message when service is not reachable.

Guidance Package:

  • A solution template to create a starting point solution for your smart client application
  • Recipe to add Module¬†
  • Recipe to add view (and presenter, implementing MVP pattern)¬†
  • New in this release:
    • Updated solution template to be consistent with reference implementation structure
    • Recipe to add event subscription and publication
    • New recipe to generate asynchronous service proxy
      • Automates development of a portion of the service agent already demonstrated in the reference implementation


  • New in this release:
    • Several How To topics detailing the manual steps required to implement much of the reference implementation
      • Many how to topics are/will be automated through guidance package recipes
    • Updates to patterns documentation

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