New Improved Recipes in the Web Client Software Factory

The new drop this week includes (much) improved recipes. one of the coolest features that we included is a "preview" pane, to get a sense of what the code will look like after the recipe runs:

The two treeviews on the right, show the code structure that will result after the recipe completes all its actions.

For those of you who have seen the WCSF guidance package, you might have noticed that we are taking a different approach on how they are built as compared to the Smart Client Factory. We are actually following the same internal architecture the Web Services Software Factory team did, that allows us to include much more powerful behavior in each screen like the one above.

The Guidance Package also produces a complete, runnable, reasonable good looking application, which is perfect for my demos :-). Thanks to Tim and Mariano for coming up with this design! 

I hope you like it, and as usual, keep the feedback coming!