New version of the VB6 Migration Guide including the Assessment Tool

The patterns & practices Visual Basic migration development team is pleased to make available a new community preview of the Visual Basic 6 to Visual Basic .NET Migration Assessment Tool and Guide.

This is a beta release of the Guide and the Tool so your feedback is very welcome to help us improve both.

There have been already a number of preview versions of the Guide already, but this is the first drop of the Tool. What to expect from it? It essentially performs a static analysis of a project or group of projects and produces two reports (2 Excel spreadsheets):

  1. An economic model for the migration project (fully parametric)
  2. A technical analysis of issues encountered, dependencies to external components (like 3rd. party libraries), recommended migration order, and a thorough analysis of specific technical challenges around COM+, data access technologies (RDO, DAO, ADO, ODBC)

When released, the Tool and the Guide will be made available for download on MSDN. The tool will also be available on the companion CD on the printed version of the Guide.

Tell us what you think!