Northwind Hosting Concept Demo

For the last months our team has invested a lot of time exploring and researching the relationship between ISVs and Hosters. I shared some of the early thoughts and findings in a series of posts in this blog:

Part I - The Scenario

Part II - On-Boarding

Part III - Billing, Metering

Part IV - SLAs

Part V – Strategies for Capacity Management

We also wrote the white paper "ISVs are from Mars, Hosters are from Venus" and now finally I'm happy to share with you an end to end concept demo. We've implemented this to help illustrate the experience described in the white paper, between a hypothetical hoster (Northwind Hosting) and an ISV (Litware).

Northwind Hosting Concept Demo

Feedback, always welcome.

Update 1/26/2010: fixed broken video link.