SCSF Hands-On-Labs, new drop with fixes and enhancements

Check out the second draft of the Smart Client Software Factory Developer Hands On Labs.

Based on the feedback received we updated the content with the following: 

  • Instructions for using SQL Server 2005 Express Edition
  • References (in projects) to Composite UI Application Block and Enterprise Library assemblies fixed
  • Instructions for installing the Hands On Labs to a location other than the SCSF installation folder
  • Lab instructions moved to Developer folder
  • To shorten the paths, renamed the folders and removed descriptive text
  • Removed the command file and reset folders (just overwrite the content)
  • Included the HOL.sql script file in Developer folder and fixed it
  • Updated the AdventureWorksService Web service to use a static port (each solution uses a different port)
  •  Modified the LauncherWorkItemController base class to use CAB commands instead of a delegate in the RegisterLaunchPoint method. ModuleControllers of all solutions were refactored to use the updated RegisterLaunchPoint method.

Unzip the zip file to your Smart Client Software Factory installation folder (if you use an alternate folder, see the DeveloperLabs.doc document)

Get them form here: Downloads