SQL Server Data Services - SSDS - New version of LitwareHR

Today, in his keynote, Ray Ozzie announced a new "cloud service" available from Microsoft: SQL Server Data Services (code name: Stika). It's a good that he announced it, because now I'm out of quarantine and I can talk about it :-).

For the last 2 months I've been working very closely with the SSDS team, understanding and exploring how their technology can be applied in the context of the work we do: (business) software delivered as a service. I've been playing the role of an ISV designing and creating solutions using SSDS. My playground has been, of course, LitwareHR: our reference application for and S+S app.

LitwareHR today looks like this:


LitwareHR on SSDS, looks like this:


Same client experiences (Web Client, Rich Client, APIs), same business logic exposed through WCF, completely new storage.

My team's job was to redesign Litware's (multi-tenant) data access layer to use SSDS, adapting it to the new application model. It's been a great and fun exercise, with lots of learning. 

If you are attending MIX08, Nigel Ellis (one of SSDS architects) will be delivering a session on SSDS on Thursday 6th at 8:30am in the Delfino 4005 Room, and guess what: one of his demos is Litware!

(Session recording as well as slides will be available within 24 hours at http://sessions.visitmix.com)

Ryan Dunn has more details on the beta program for the service: http://dunnry.com/blog/IntroducingSQLServerDataServices.aspx 

I'll be in Belgium (TechDays) and Hungary in the following weeks, and I plan to share and show more details there.

I will also post more details of LitwareHR on SSDS as I find the time to do so. Lot's of flying ahead of me, and great thing than Windows Live Writer works offline ;-). The beauty of Software and Services.