Error 8004100e from Internet Mail Wizard

I have replied to this question a few times on the newsgroups previously, but I never did go ahead and post it on the blog.

Here's the scenario:
Attempt to run through Internet Mail Wizard (IMW) in Exchange 2003 ESM. Click "Next" to proceed beyond Server Selection screen of wizard leads to error:

An Error occurred during a call to Windows Management Instrumentation
ID no: 8004100e
Exchange System Manager

0x8004100e means WBEM_E_INVALID_NAMESPACE.

After clicking OK to the error popup, the Wizard fails the Load Balancing prereq and states:

The selected server fails the following prereqs:
Cannot be part of a Network Load Balancing cluster.

I've seen this happen even on Windows 2000 Server (not Advanced Server), which cannot be part of a NLB cluster.

Need to recreate the WMI namespace for MicrosoftNLB. Easiest way to do this is the following steps:
1) Command Prompt
2) cd \WINNT\System32\WBEM
3) MOFCOMP wlbsprov.mof

This will compile and reload the namespace back into the WBEM repository.