New pricing tier for Azure Event Hubs Dedicated

New pricing tier for Azure Event Hubs Dedicated

Effective November 13, 2017, we will offer a new pricing tier for Azure Event Hubs Dedicated.  This tier introduces hourly fixed pricing, and will be available to all customers.

Azure Event Hubs is a data ingestion service that provides a distributed streaming platform with hyper-scale, low latency, publish-subscribe capabilities..

Azure Event Hubs Dedicated  is ideal for customers that need a single-tenant deployment to manage the most demanding requirements.  Key attributes include:

  • Message sizes up to 1MB, compared to 256 KB for the Standard and Basic tiers
  • Repeatable performance
  • Zero maintenance, because the service manages load balancing, OS updates, security patches and partitioning
  • Fixed pricing, charged hourly at $6.85 per hour
  • Includes the Capture feature of Azure Event Hubs, to provide integration with micro-batch scenarios
  • Message retention up to 7 days with no extra charge

This reserved, dedicated environment provides other capabilities unique to this tier, such as:

  • Control the number of namespaces in your cluster
  • Specify throughput limitson each of your namespaces
  • Configure the number of Event Hubs under each namespace
  • Determine the limit on number of partitions

To get started with Event Hubs Dedicated, contact your sales team or open a support ticket from the portal.

As a product team, we provide complete support while also readily answering any questions you have regarding usage and setup.

We continue to expand the capabilities of the Event Hubs Dedicated tier, including a robust portal experience.  Some of the items on our road-map include:

  • Resource management of clusters: We will expand the namespace features listed above by allowing customers to control the namespace creation and all the various features/resource under it
  • Monitoring: We are working to provide customers with easy access to  the various KPI’s and metrics on their clusters to help them scale, and monitor performance
  • Self-serve onboard: eEasily select the cluster and deploy through ARM or Azure portal. This will let customers bring up and bring down the cluster as they need it.
  • Quick Deployments:  We are working hard to enable self-serve quick deployments, so clusters can be set up on the portal by the customer in less than 2 hours

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