Exchange Developer Documentation Team Wants YOU!

If you’re reading this, you’re VERY likely a developer with at least some Exchange experience. Well, we need you. Really. The Exchange Developer Documentation team has an open position for a Programming Writer. If you want to help improve the Exchange Developer Center, if you want to write cool code samples and clear documentation, if you want a direct connection with both the product team and the developer community, contact me ( today!

To get an idea what it’s like to work in my team, let’s just say a healthy sense of humor is a plus. The team enjoys working together, we encourage finding innovative ways to create and present developer-focused materials, and we are given the freedom to implement those ideas. We publish the SDKs every few months, technical articles every month, and blog posts like this one at random intervals. We work very closely with the product team, as well as Marketing, and our dear friends in MSDN.

If you like what we’re doing, and want to help us add more information and try new ways of reaching out to the Exchange developer community, give us a ring. We’re looking for someone with a well-balanced mix of writing ability (good writing, excellent organizational skills), development experience (VS.NET, a variety of languages, Web services), and knowledge about one or more Exchange programming technologies. Yeah, sure we’re flexible on those. You do NOT need to be a professional writer with a bunch of books in your name. You do NOT need to be a guru-level Exchange solution developer. But, let’s face it: if you ARE those things, we'd love to hear from you! You will definitely need to learn quickly and understand complex technologies clearly enough to explain them to others.

On a daily basis we all do a bit of writing, programming, debugging, looking at product source code to understand how an API works, planning for the next release, and answering questions from a variety of good-natured people. We sit in meetings, we go to lunch, and do all the normal things of working for a living at Microsoft.

To get the official scoop on the position, check it out here . Give me a call (425-705-8271) or e-mail your resume ( if you think you might fit well here.  Ray, Laura, Michael and I would like to meet you! And of course, if you know someone else who might fit our needs, be sure to send them our way!

Thom Randolph
Documentation Manager
Exchange Developer Documentation
Microsoft Corporation