Hot off the press! Synchronization and Notifications in Exchange Online and Exchange 2013

Last week, we added the following new content to the Exchange Online and Exchange 2013 development section on MSDN:

This includes information about the affinity scenario for notifications, where the client manages its affinity with the mailbox server by using the X-AnchorMailbox header, the X-PreferServerAffinity header, and the X-BackEndOverride cookie. We provide instructions for how to use the headers and cookie and how to group mailboxes and batch requests. We also provide a detailed example that shows you all the moving parts, and details about error handling and throttling limits.

All this is included with other concepts you might already be familiar with: streaming notifications, pull notifications, and item and folder synchronization. We provide information about how to perform these tasks by using either the EWS Managed API, or the underlying EWS operations and elements that are sent over the wire - so it’s your one-stop shop for Exchange Online and Exchange 2013 app development, no matter what your technology preference is. And we’re not stopping here. We are actively publishing updates to the Create EWS and web service solutions for Exchange section, so check back often for the latest insights and guidance. Enjoy!