Exchange Store - FAQs # 1

Exchange Store - FAQs 

Here are some questions that are frequently asked by my customers whenever they try to access/enumerate Exchange Store:  

1) What is the MS Exchange Store?  

  • MS Exchange store is a storage platform. The Exchange store is also known as the Web Storage System.
  • It provides a single repository for managing multiple types of unstructured information in one infrastructure.

2) What're the two components / information databases of Exchange Store?

  • Mailbox stores & public folder stores are two of the components of the Exchange store.

3) What were the information will be stored in the stores?

  • Mailbox Store:
    • Hold personal mailbox information.
  • Public Folder Store:
    • It's a shared repository, where information that is shared among many users.
    • Public folders should be used when your business requires data replication to multiple servers.