Exchange Web Service (EWS)

1) What is known as "Exchange Web Service" or "EWS" ?  

  • Exchange Server 2007 includes a new set of Web services that enable developers to interact with Exchange mailboxes and contents by using standard HTTP.
  • Exchange Web Services provides access to the authenticated user's mailbox and the items in the mailbox.
  • Applications can remotely access mail messages, handle meeting requests, look up users in the address book.
  • Also they can determine the availability of other users.

2) Who will be making use of Exchange Web Service?

Exchange Web Services enables in-house developers and systems integrators to create applications that enhance the Exchange experience, and facilitate the development of custom systems integration solutions.

3) What're the other technologies already exist in the Exchange environment?  

Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 developers who currently use WebDAV, Collaboration Data Objects for Exchange 2000 Server (CDOEX), and the Exchange OLE DB (ExOLEDB) provider will find Exchange Web Services to be more robust, easier to use, and better able to handle Exchange-specific item types.

4) What're the Web Services does Exchange Web services offer?

Exchange Web Services includes the following Web services:

  • Autodiscover
  • Availability
  • Messaging Records Management
  • Notification
  • Synchronization
  • Exchange data Service