Microsoft Web Storage System

1) What is known as "Microsoft Web Storage System" or "MS Web Store" ?  

The Web Storage System is a semi-structured, hierarchical database that stores and manages documents, e-mail messages, Web pages, multimedia streams, data elements, and other items. Developers can access Web Storage System using any programming language that supports COM and the Exchange protocols listed earlier in this chapter.

Similar to file system directories and files, Web Storage System is a hierarchy of folders. Each folder in Web Storage System is a collection of items, including other folders. These folders and items are accessible by URLs.

2) What is it used for?  

  • With Web Storage System, you can store an item and maintain property information about that item, including controlling its security and display.
  • These properties are actual fields on the item's row in Web Storage System.
  • An item's body (if present), whether text or binary, is itself a field on the row and is accessible as a stream.
  • You can use ADOs to move through Web Storage System hierarchy and obtain data using Record and Recordset objects.
  • You use ADO or OLE DB to find and obtain objects from Web Storage System items, as well as create, delete, move, and copy folders and items.
  • You can also manipulate data using HTTPDAV, which allows the user to add, copy, modify, move and search for items.