Don’t be Surprised when Outlook Web Access changes to light version

There are cases when End Users try to access OWA (Outlook Web Access) in Exchange 2007, they see light version of access rather than Premium Version without any reason or changes made. During Troubleshooting ,we observed that the option “OWAPremiumClientEnabled” is set to false and this option is not modified by anyone .By default these settings are not touched and it gets changed when we manage any CASMailbox attribute starting with OWA* .

By default, user’s CASMailbox setting will look similar to the screen shot below ( Run “Get-CasMailbox alias |FL” to get the output ).


If any attribute starting with OWA* is set (except OWAPremiumClientEnabled) then we could see the rest of attribute getting changed to false.

E.g Get-Casmailbox Testian | Set-CasMailbox – OWAUMIntegrationEnabled $false.

Then run Get-Mailbox Testian | FL and look at the following output.


We could see the “OWAPremiumClientEnabled” attribute changed, it would be set to false along with other OWA related settings.

To workaround this issue, Please run

1.Get-CASMailbox | Set-CASMailbox –OWA* : $True.

Or to enable only Premium Version of OWA access

2.Get-CASMailbox | Set-CASMailbox – OWAPremiumClientEnabled : $True

This, because after we run Get-CASmailbox | Set-Casmailbox – OWAJunkEmailEnabled : $True other OWA-attributes are set to false with only the OWAJunkEmailEnabled attribute as True.


Srinivas Santhanam,

Senior Support Engineer, Exchange Server Team

Reviewed by

Arindam Thodkar,

Support Escalation Engineer, Exchange Server Team

M Sivagami Sundari,

Technical Lead, Exchange Server Team