Expression Encoder 2 SDK Updated for Service Pack 1

image We’ve just released an update to the SDK, which now incorporates the new features in Expression Encoder 2 Service Pack 1.

Here are the main things that are new in the SDK :-

We’ve improved the formatting of the help file so things are hopefully a little easier to read.

We have a new updated object model layout diagram.

New files to give updated Intellisense comments.

Some new samples in Visual Basic.

Added ASF indexing support. For more information, see AsfIndexer in the Programming

A new Mode property, EncoderSku, which gives more accurate SKU information than Mode.IsExpress.

A new MediaItem property, FileOutputMode, which you can use to select ASF MBR as well as "Adaptive Smooth Streaming" output modes.

Enhancements to how output files are generated and accessed.

New audio overlay functionality for MediaItem.

Two new AAC base profiles for AudioProfiles.

Two new H.264 base profiles for VideoProfiles.

A new AdaptiveStreaming profile for both AudioProfiles and VideoProfiles.

A new VideoProfile profile, VideoProfileMbrDeltaCollection, which you can use to customize MBR and/or AdaptiveStreaming output streams.

A new default resize mode of SuperSampling instead of Bicubic.

Here’s the link to download the updated SDK.