Expression Encoder 4 Pro Now Available for Purchase

Earlier this month we announced the availability of Express Studio 4. At that time we made the free version of Expression Encoder 4 available on our website.

Today we are pleased to announce that Expression Encoder 4 Pro is now available for purchase from the Microsoft Store. If you purchased a retail version of either Expression Encoder 3 with IIS Smooth Streaming or the full-featured Expression Studio SKU, you can upgrade to Expression Encoder 4 Pro for FREE!. Find out how here.

Expression Encoder 4 Pro contains the full feature set of the product and gives you the following additional functionality not available in the free version:

  • H.264/AAC Encoding
  • Additional decoders for input types (MPEG2, MPEG/TS Splitter, Dolby Digital (AC3), MP4 and H.264/AAC)
  • Live IIS Smooth Streaming Support
  • Unlimited Screen Capture
  • Digital Rights Management (PlayReady) Integration



More information about the difference between Expression Encoder 4 and Expression Encoder 4 Pro can be found here.

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