2 utilitaires bien pratique pour la gestion des mobiles et SCMDM


GUI CAB Signing Utility

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The Enterprise Mobile GUI CAB Signing Utility provides a graphic interface that makes it easier to sign CAB files prior to deployment. Microsoft System Center Mobile Device Manager requires that all CAB files be signed prior to distribution, but only provides a command line prompt to facilitate the process. The graphical interface in Enterprise Mobile's utility reduces the time needed to accomplish this task. Download this free utility to realize the time savings you can gain with Enterprise Mobile's utility.

Windows Mobile IP Utility

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The Enterprise Mobile IP Utility will install and run on any Windows Mobile device and provides a comprehensive set of tools to troubleshoot IP data connections. The utility lets you identify connection problems easily, regardless of the version of the Windows Mobile operating system or mobile device. Download this free utility to get real-time visibility into a Windows Mobile device's ability to reach a remote host.