Microsoft Virtual Academy : Tout savoir sur le cloud privé et System Center 2012



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Introduction to the Microsoft Private Cloud

  • Modules: Private Cloud Overview; Private Cloud: Infrastructure Overview; Private Cloud: Application Overview
  • This course focuses on proving an overview of the Microsoft cloud technologies and how using these technologies can help your business build, deploy, and maintain a private cloud. Module 2 will provide an infrastructure overview and how to use System Center 2012 to provision a private cloud. We will examine the set of tools available to you to configure and deploy infrastructure components; enabling you to deliver IT as a Service. The third module will provide an overview of the tools in System Center 2012 used to manage the underlying resources to achieve predictable application service delivery, and how to keep your applications running healthy by improving performance and monitoring.

Licensing the Private Cloud

System Center Advisor

  • Module: Overview
  • This module will help you discover the benefits of this useful new software assurance benefit from Microsoft. We will explain the benefits of Advisor and how it can be used to optimize your installations of Windows Server, and Server Workloads such as Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange, and Microsoft SharePoint. You will also understand Advisor’s high-level architecture for optimizing data security, privacy, and control, all delivered through a user-friendly cloud service. Additionally, we will show how to use the Advisor service to proactively avoid problems, resolve issues faster, and reduce downtime. We will show you how to make the most use out of this tool to help you better manage your data center and cloud infrastructure.

System Center 2012 Licensing Overview

  • Module: Overview
  • This presentation will provide an overview of the new System Center 2012 Licensing programs. We will look at these programs in the context of Microsoft private cloud solutions, and how the combination of the Windows Server 2008 operating system and System Center enables you to obtain the most cost effective licensing you need for your private cloud. As System Center 2012 is being delivered as an integrated private cloud management solution, we will analyze the server management license transition programs for existing System Center users. Further, we will discuss specific Microsoft licensing programs such as the Enrollment for Core Infrastructure, and how licensing for private cloud solutions maximizes your private cloud value while simplifying purchasing.

System Center 2012 Operations Manager

  • Modules: Overview; Configuration and Deployment; Dashboards and Data Visualization
  • In this course, we will provide an overview of Operations Manager, and how its functionality can help drive higher value from your existing IT assets by leveraging a single console. In addition, we will discuss how to use customizable dashboards to monitor and manage your physical, virtual, networking, application, and cloud resources.

System Center 2012: Orchestrator &Service Manager

  • Modules: Overview; Best Practices for Monitoring and Operating the Datacenter and Private Cloud; Data Warehouse and Reporting.
  • ?In this course, we will discuss how the System Center 2012 Orchestrator and Service Manager components enable you to deploy, automate, update, and manage service offerings within your private cloud. Microsoft’s approach to self-service delivery will be discussed, and how System Center responds to end-user service requests. We will cover methods to challenging operational issues, and how using Orchestrator and Service Manager can allow the IT Pro to automate, standardize and offer self-service IT processes in the private cloud.

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