Welcome to my new personal project: An english blog

Welcome to the english version of my personal blog. For along time I've been thinking about the creation of a english version for my blog posts in order to amplify the spread of message. This way, with this post I'm inaugurating this new content channel. I don't have the intention translate portuguese content available in fabriciosanchez.com.br. This website (fabriciosanchez.com.br) will be continuously updated, this way, if you like the content available there, you can stay calm, I will continuing publishing new articles there.

The initial idea with this new blog (this can be changed in the future, who knows :-)) is maintain two different environments with different contents and goals. To delivery this new project I opted up by the MSDN Blogs platform (exclusive for Microsoft FTEs). This decision was made by different and important reasons. Featured: is 100% based on Wordpress, is automatically scalable and is auto-managed by Microsoft.

This blog is accessible through two different endpoints (as you can see it below):

Cool? Take note about it.

About the content and frequency

Regarding the content themes, they will continue the same. I will write a lot about cloud computing (focusing in Azure platform of course), development scenarios, DevOps, etc. Occasionally I intent to write about career, entrepreneurship and another things that I've been wanting.

Regarding frequency, I'll don't have one and don't intent to have it. The same occurs with my portuguese blog. Depending of availabily of time, I will produce the content so, don't wait a pattern in terms of frequency of new content here, ok?

This way, you are invited to add this blog to your feed reader or inside your preferred blogs list :-). This blog