Welcome to MVP Reconnect Program

In 2016 I'm completing 16-years of career. Regarding this years, at least 10 has a strong involvement with technical communities. I've started my career learning Pascal (perhaps you don't know about what I'm talking about) language and after, developing some small solutions using Delphi and VB environments. During my undergraduate course I was presented to C/C++ and Java world and then thing become serious. Was exactly in this period that I was presented by a friend to the technical communities. I didn't know anything about it but I came in.

Technical communities brought me only good things: Developed myself as professional, made a wide network of contacts, great friends came to me through the communities and I've had the opportunity to received great honors like MVP Award in ASP.NET and after Azure category. If the Microsoft MVP program is a novelty for you, please follow this link to learn more.

You must know - The MVP program is based in cycles. After 1st nomination process, the MVP must maintain the regularity, quantity and quality of his contributions. if by either one reason or other the MVP can't accomplish this commitment, that professional must leave the formal program (he leaves it benefits as well) however, he never lost his MVP status.

Today's post isn't technical but is equally important, especially for those that as you are passionate by technical communities and by either reason or other doesn't be part of MVP team. I'm talking about this because we just had an important announcement few minutes ago: a new global program for communities called "MVP Reconnect".

About the newest program


As the name already suggests, this new program intent to bring former MVPs once again to communities universe creating a new environment to exchange information and keep in touch with Microsoft. As the MVPs says: "Once MVP, ever MVP". You can see the oficial announcement accomplished on Scott Guggs blog's following this link.

As a community formal program (following examples as MVP, MSP, etc) the Reconnect will offer some exclusive benefits for all those who chose be part. Some featured benefits are: welcome kit including a medal of honor (see Figure 1), exclusive access to a private social network designed to this group and another stuff. For me as a former MVP, the most important benefit is keep in touch with global MVP program and the reason to say this is "We don't know anything about the future, right?!" (if you know what I mean).


Figure 1. Medal of honor from welcome kit

We know that a great number of professional has had left the program a long ago, however, they would like to come back to the communities environment. Personally I believe that this program can redeem that community spirit and bring themselves to game once again.

Yes, Reconnect program is an official program and therefore managed by Microsoft but with a nature completely different itself. The program has an advisory board compound by community members. This board will evaluate the whole aspects of the program itself and propose (if applicable) changes, new features, etc. Every person inside the program is eligible to be part of the board through an "application process" to this.

How to participate

Microsoft is requiring basically two aspects in order to accept a new member:

  1. Person must being an MVP at least for one complete cycle
  2. The candidate mustn't have any problem with NDA while MVP

Whether you attend to this combined requirement, you are eligible to join. To do this you must follow the steps below:

  • Access the oficial Reconnect program website through this link
  • Click @ "Join" tab
  • Fill all requested fields and click @ "Send".

Microsoft will return with the (dis)approval up to 5 business days. Stay tuned: Microsoft could reach you in order to get additional information about you application to the program.


Wearing the t-shirt of a former MVP and thinking about this new program, few questions came to my mind. As I already know its answers (I personally verified it with the global program staff) I've decided share this here.

  1. I was MVP in the past. I'd love to participate in the Reconnect but right now I've been working in a company that competes directly with Microsoft (AWS, Oracle, etc.). Can I join the program?
    Yes, you can. There is no NDA in MVP Reconnect program thus, all discussions and interactions can be shared by all. You are more than welcome.
  2. I was MVP in the past but in a technology/category that today is doesn't officially supported in the program anymore. Can I participate?
    Yes, absolutely. The MVP Reconnect program is completely agnostic in terms of technology. Any eligible former MVP in whatever company and technology, can join to the other professionals in this new community.

If you have any further questions, feel free to send it to me. I'll update this post with the respective answers.

That's it. You guys welcome to MVP Reconnect program.