Exciting news on the HealthVault front this week as we announced the launch of HealthVault in the UK, our third country to go live with the platform so far --- totally cool! Unlike our announced agreements in Canada and Germany, in the UK we are going "direct," running the service ourselves. Organizations that wish to use HealthVault as a foundation for their applications and services can do so using a "subscriber access license" model. We're starting incrementally with our partner Nuffield Health to deliver the My Health Info application to folks in the UK that are actively monitoring their health and wellness --- but of course that's just the beginning.

Microsoft has had a long history working on healthcare in the UK --- and most recently we announced the Milton Keynes NHS Foundation Trust as our first UK customer for Amalga. Adding HealthVault gives us and others a foundation to connect clinical care with individual citizens and their care circles --- I'm particularly excited about the potential for home monitoring solutions.

From this humble developer's point of view, though, one of the coolest things about this launch is how few people in the group really even knew it was about to pop. Why is that good news? Because it means that we've figured out how to scale our baby. Mark and his team get the business work done; Michael and his team make sure we've made any adjustments needed to support local privacy and security requirements; Zach and company airlift some servers into place, and --- Bob's your uncle --- we're running a new instance of the platform. THAT is pretty sweet.

Next stop on the world tour? Stay tuned!