Check out our HDI submission: Citizen-Centric Medical Imaging

We’ve participated in the both the first and second Health Data Initiative forums (in 2010 we submitted a cool use case combining air quality with inpatient data, and last year I served as a community judge). Honestly I wasn’t really sure what to do this year, but then I got an email saying they were expanding the program to include a track on consumer e-health … something we spend a little bit of time on here on the HealthVault team!

After thinking about it a bit, we submitted what I think is a really compelling story/solution around Citizen-Centric Medical Imaging, using HealthVault as a “hub” but really showcasing the power that a great ecosystem of partners can do working together:

I just can’t get enough of this. Imaging data is BIG DATA with all capital letters … and represents some of the most important and useful information we’ve got when it comes to diagnosing health issues. Not to mention the magic that comes from sharing an ultrasound with a new Grandma-to-be. Helping citizens store, share and USE this stuff --- that’s what HealthVault and consumer empowerment is all about!

As a group, we’ve submitted the solution to the 2012 HDI challenge and hope we get a chance to show it off on the main stage there in June. We’ll see --- but even if we don’t make it there, it’s a big win for real folks. Give it a try yourself!

Check out the presentation here!